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Civil Law

Civil law accompanies us every day. Almost every action we take falls within the scope of civil law. Seemingly small mistakes or actions taken too late can have far-reaching consequences that could be avoided.

We help you achieve your goal in the most effective and fastest way possible.

We endeavour to conclude every litigation with a settlement that is favourable to the client. We cooperate with the best mediators in family and business relationships.
Litigations that end up in court are handled effectively using the professionalism and many years of experience of our lawyers.

We advise on all aspects of civil law, including representing clients in courts, in areas such as:

Maria Wielgosz

Attorney at Law

Anna Kłys

Attorney at Law

Krzysztof Kluj

Attorney at Law

Weronika Zygmunt

Attorney at Law

Wojciech Kluj

Attorney at Law apprentice

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