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Attorney at Law

A qualified Legal Counsel with extensive experience in the field of civil law and medical law.

Weronika Zygmunt specializes in family and custody law. She deals with matters of the matrimonial property regime and its division after the termination of the community of property. She conducts divorce, alimony, child custody and contact arrangements with kids. She successfully represents clients in courts of all instances.

She successfully participates in providing legal services to medical entities in the field of inpatient treatment – hospitals and nursing homes, as well as outpatient treatment entities. Weronika deals with issues concerning the infringement of patients’ rights and claims, protection of personal data, including sensitive data and access to information and medical documentation. She appears before the courts of all instances and the Medical Injuries Adjudication Board in medical malpractice cases, representing both medical entities and patients.

She is fluent in English.

Weronika Zygmunt graduated the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. She has also completed the American Law Program at the Center for American Law Studies at University of Warsaw (CALS) and European Studies (bachelor’s degree) at the Faculty of “European Center” of the University of Warsaw.

Attorney at Law – the member of the District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Warsaw.

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