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Swiss Franc mortgage loans

The judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union on 3rd of October 2019 has significantly changed the situation of consumers with Swiss Franc mortgage loans in disputes with banks.

Borrowers who have taken out such a foreign currency mortgage loan have the possibility to demand the cancellation of the agreement concluded with the bank and to pursue their claims in court.

Lawyers of Wielgosz & Partners Law Firm successfully represent borrowers in court proceedings against banks for invalidation of mortgage loan agreements denominated and indexed to CHF and for repayment of capital-interest rate paid, as well as for payment of overpayments resulting from the use of prohibited clauses by banks.

The Court of Justice of the European Union judgment is not a universal judgment that applies to case of every borrower with a mortgage loan in Swiss francs. Entering into a dispute with a bank requires professional knowledge and a go-thorough analysis of the each and particular case.

We cooperate with financial analysts in the assessment of each contract and in a reliable and detailed calculation of the amounts claimed already at the pre-court stage.

We approach each case individually, establishing flexible rules of cooperation.

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