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Medical Law

Medical treatment today is much more than just the relationship between a patient and a doctor, it is the cooperation of all the other participants in this process, and medical law is a branch of law which is developing very dynamically. Contemporary medicine is becoming increasingly complex, as are the regulations governing healthcare activities, from healthcare entities and their founding bodies, through the medical professions and patients themselves.

We offer our clients permanent and comprehensive support in the field of servicing health care entities and medical services such as: hospitals, health centres, doctor’s surgeries, laboratories, medical emergency units and others. Our assistance often also takes on an ad hoc character – in a situation when a specific problem arises.

We conduct all client cases with the utmost respect for medical confidentiality standards, privacy, patient rights including the right to information and access to medical records.

In this respect, our advice includes:

Maria Wielgosz

Attorney at Law

Grzegorz Wykowski

Attorney at Law

Weronika Zygmunt

Attorney at Law

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