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Agricultural Law

The specificity of the functioning of agricultural producers and companies of the agri-food sector in legal transactions and activities on the agricultural and food market, especially in the current market conditions, brings very complicated legal problems.

Successful and profitable functioning of farmers and agri-food entrepreneurs, while preserving their sense of legal security, is the proper application of provisions of the European Union law, defining the principles of the Common Agricultural Policy and the national agricultural law with the simultaneous necessity of taking into account legal regulations in the field of civil, commercial, administrative and tax law.

Such a broad approach to the application of law in the field of agriculture and agri-food processing has become a challenge of the present time. It requires the comprehensive support of a professional legal advisor, and often also the assistance of experienced industry experts.

Therefore, providing comprehensive legal assistance in this field, we rely on several important groups of issues, which determine the success of your business, namely:

Grzegorz Wykowski

Attorney at Law

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