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As one of the founders of the Law Firm operating since 1992, currently a general partner, I have the pleasure to work with the team of professional lawyers, and at the same time wonderful people. They are the ones who create the Law Firm. We approach each case individually and work together to provide you with the best possible help. We listen to your needs and being fully committed look for optimal solutions within the framework of applicable law.

I encourage you to get to know our offer better.

Maria Wielgosz
Attorney at law, General Partner.

30 years of experience

We have been providing legal services to entrepreneurs and individual clients for almost thirty years.

We offer business clients comprehensive legal services in the field of their day-to-day operations, ownership transformations, investments, structural and organizational changes. Providing legal services for business clients, we are supporting ourselves with solid tax advisors and statutory auditors, restructuring advisors, patent attorneys, experts in the field of construction and property valuation, as well as insurance advisors.

Labor law

We have extensive practice in the area of individual and collective labor law. We provide employers with ongoing and professional legal services with the currently applicable legal regulations and case law. We advise employers in negotiations with trade unions and employee representatives in collective disputes. We sit on anti-mobbing committees, implement codes of ethics as well as anti-mobbing, anti-discrimination procedures, and anti-corruption ones. We help to design and apply rules which consequently assist employers in reporting and preventing from abuse as well as protecting whistleblowers.

Medical law

We are experts and practitioners in narrow, intensively developing areas of law, such as medical law or agricultural law, including the issues of agri-food processing.

For more than 13 years we have been providing services to medical entities, including those providing stationary services: hospitals and care and treatment facilities, as well as outpatient services: independent public health care facilities and private medical clinics, psychotherapy offices and rehabilitation centers. We work for institutions that create and are responsible for the functioning of the healthcare system, medical professions and the patients themselves.

In 2017, in the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, we won a case against MOW NFZ for one of Warsaw maternity hospitals for co-financing of health services (perinatal anesthesia), which was of national importance for hospitals and patients (VAca 920/17) – this ruling led to a change in the regulations on financing of perinatal anesthesia.

Agricultural law

Our team’s lawyers are also the experts in the field of agricultural law, co-authors of many legal acts in this field, with knowledge and many years of experience in the implementation of issues relating to the shaping of the agricultural system, the functioning of the agricultural and agri-food market, the operating conditions of agri-food processing plants and individual farmers. We successfully conduct cases before the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture and the National Center for Agricultural Support.

We also help in the acquisition of agricultural real estate, both in private trade and from the Agricultural Property Stock of the State Treasury, and in the recovery of agricultural real estate taken over as a result of the agricultural reform.


We participate in negotiations and concluding contracts in accordance with the requirements set out in the provisions on counteracting the unfair use of contractual advantage in trade in agricultural and food products. We also prepare drafts of legal acts in the field of agriculture, agricultural markets and rural development.

We also advise on public aid, from legal evaluation of aid programs, through comprehensive support in obtaining funding for implemented projects, to the settlement of projects and the fulfillment of their durability period. In this field, we support business clients and individual farmers. We cooperate with recognized economists with many years of practice in the management of high-budget EU programs and excellent knowledge of the legal regulations of aid programs.

An individual

An individual client is also in the center of our attention. We perfectly understand a customer’s problems because we experience them ourselves. We advise on family matters, inheritance, childcare, alimony, continuous violation of consumer rights, we challenge the validity of concluded contracts or the effectiveness of invalid clauses in consumer contracts.

We successfully handle cases regarding loans in Swiss Francs and other loan agreements. We construct entire contracts or some of their clauses, we pursue claims for infringement of personal rights, communication, medical, cosmetic or product damage, and other claims in the field of civil law. We defend board members in lawsuits for their personal property liability. Our team includes excellent law practitioners with many years of experience in court and out-of-court application of law. We work with the best mediators. There are no unsolvable cases for us.

Quality, passion and mutual trust - these are the principles we follow.

Maria Wielgosz 
Attorney at law, general partner

Our head office
in Warsaw

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