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Attorney at Law

A Qualified Attorney at Law with an extensive experience in the field of civil law. She specializes in commercial real estate rental contract law as well as inheritance and donation law. She has excellent negotiation skills. In her professional career, she cooperated with many entities on the Polish market in the commercialization and re-commercialization of shopping centers.

Currently, she provides legal services to one of the biggest owners of shopping centers on the Polish market in the field of commercial and service premises rental agreements, dedicated to estates located in shopping malls. She has built her multiyear experience of the real estate market in parallel to formation and development of big shopping centers in Poland. That’s why, she is able to provide a complete package of legal services in the field of negotiating a commercial premises rental agreement and its subsequent changes. She negotiates rental agreements with leading retail chains and particular industries such as: cinemas, fitness clubs, gastronomy, mobile operators and other services (florists, hairdressing and beauty salons, travel agencies), as well as with local tenants and franchisees. She knows the specifics of the activity and needs of individual tenants. She has perfect ability to balance interests and arguments of both parties, ensuring the best protection of the legal interest of the represented party to the contract.

She uses her experience in the field of civil law and negotiation skills to advise individual clients on inheritance and donations. In this respect, she combines tax advice with legal advice, providing comprehensive support for events generating obligations in the inheritance and donation tax. She represents clients before courts when declaring the acquisition of an inheritance, division of an inheritance, reserved share, and claims for reimbursement. In the field of inheritance and donation tax, he appears before the tax authorities.

She has been associated with the Wielgosz & Partners Law Firm since 2001. Before joining the team of the Law Firm, she provided services to one of the largest Polish customs agencies.

She is fluent in English.

She has graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. Attorney at Law – the member of the District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Warsaw since 1998.

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